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As my work has become about ideas regarding existential questions like what is the cosmos and how is consciousness tied into the nature of being, I realized that I can make an area here online that functions as a method space for the development and cultivation of epiphanies, connections, discoveries and understanding. I am using this 'area' as a place-like touchstone to reinvigorate the bed of ideas from which I cull theories, artistry and vision. I believe that there is a way to work which transcends time and space and is a direct communication of the 'heart'. I intend for this area to be a place where I can dip in and out of as if a stream whose currents are in flow with a multidimensional network of consciousness and knowledge platforms.

My art deals with or rather works with ideas and yet registers in the vein of scientific observation and spiritual discovery. I'm working with soul, spirit, being, human-ness, lifeforce, vital resonance and what it means to be alive. This is where my art takes 'shape' so to speak, where it finds its truth and lives. I hope to create a life for myself with this artwork that challenges me and makes me a better person, a more enlightened person of depth. I feel like artwork for me is poeisis. It is the making of the world and my participation in that making. Art is work. Artwork is lifework. Lifework opens up the horizon and draws near those special feelings which only matter to you, the one that lives. I feel happy in my work here and am excited for the possibilities of such a method for creating art with the medium of ideas. Ideas are my artform which I express through words. Art writing. Ideahood. Creative resilience through the surmounting of challenges in life to open new horizons and pathways, passages and doors to a better tomorrow, a better 'now'.

We are living in a time when art has become so many different things to so many people. So many mediums, paint, sculpture, drawings, watercolor, clay, video, paper mache, writing, installation, land art, conceptual art, movies, film, books, comic books, drama, ready mades, pen and ink, architecture, technology, artscience, computers, laptops, phones, online art, carvings, the list goes on and on. So what would it mean to make an art out of ideas alone that dealt or rather worked with more rightly stated that ephemeral quality of personhood out of which all experience emmanates and does so directly via the miraculous nature of an idea.

I intend for this space this area the workspace or method-space to be a place where I can knead ideas together and darn theories, vision and belief with knowledge, observation and awe. Something happened in my life where mediums no longer sufficed. The more direct the challenge to myself, to my soul, to my being, the better. Certain songs. Certain conversations. Certain glances. Certain ideas whether read, or conceived out of observation were and have become the lifeblood of my work. That ephemeral quality of feeling that does not take form but is felt many times through form and substance, phenomena and the like. The 'heart' perhaps it could be called or the soul, the mind or even now the body or perhaps even better yet something beyond description, an essance so vital that the less there is in terms of form (i.e. paint, charcoal, rock, pixels, breath, etc) the more impactful the shift, movement or change, or better yet transformation of that soul essence, that 'you-ness', that thing, if we can call it that, that opens up the world for us, our seed, our mind's eye or better yet our mind's heart.

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