This 'place' is about cultivating respect

Self-respect is key to the glorification of the spirit. Self-respect and joy, true joy. My work here is about finding my freedom again. The freedom that I have never had in this life, a truer, deeper, more mind expanding embracing of life and the feelings that come along with it.

I am seeking out a fresh way to do philsophy and art. I am using words, but the words are generated from a deep inner inspiration that is almost indescribable. In this 'space' I can work on my artistry, my attunement to life as it now stands for me. I can uncover without disrepsecting my spirit. I can explore. I can do art. I can art. I art. Art. What do I really hope to accomplish from this work? A more enlightened soul. A fiercer spirit. A loving connection to the nature of being. A keen will and an inspired mind.

This 'place' is about speaking freely. It is about sharing my story. It is about art. It is about my art. My journey.

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