Jon Keppel




Professional info


I am an artist coming back to the fold after being away from the world of art making.  My work has been shown nationally and internationally.  My interests lie in the realm of new media particularly video and sound but also find a voice in digital imagery/photography, the written word, drawing, painting and music. I have Vimeo content, Twitter feeds and a Pinterest site that I update frequently along with this website. I discarded my first mature body of work out of personal and artistic unrest.  My new work is coming from a place of healing, personal growth and self acceptance.  It is experimental, provocative and soul-searching.


I also manage at a Goodwill thrift store.  It is an unanticpated role from which I am learning a great deal and even am passionate about.  

Work experience


Store Shift Leader at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio INC.

May/2015 - present



Clerk at Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio INC.

Sept/2013 - present


I have been awarded the Edgar J. Helms Outstanding Achiever for 2014 as an employee of Goodwill.  The award is given to individuals who have faced barriers to employment and persevered. My place at Goodwill provides me financial freedom and good life experience.  It is a part of my overall learning experience as I continue my journey as an artist and as a person.




German (basic understanding)

Slovenian (rudimentary             knowledge)



DIGITAL PERFORMER (advanced use of)

FINAL CUT PRO (advanced use of)

DVD PRO (advanced use of)

iMOVIE (use of)

GARAGE BAND (use of)

PHOTOSHOP (use of)

PROTOOLS (experience with)

AVID (experience with)

FLASH (experience with)


2010 - present

2010 - present



The Ohio State University

1998 - 2000



I created my own degree as a part of the personalized study program or PSP at Ohio State.  I named my degree Sound Art.  It delved into sound as a medium for artistic expression.