Jon Keppel


Artist Statement

Artwork for me is lifework.  It is where the personal meets the universal, sharing something that could not have been shared in any other way.  In my work, I use several different mediums to develop deeply personal feelings and reflections into physical experiences.  Some of the materials I use include paint, ink, clay, paper, video and phtotography.  Each piece usually starts out as something that is emotional in nature that is then fleshed out intuitively by bringing into play a material or set of materials. I use materials that seem to make sense for that particular inspiration at the time. So far this has resulted in the creation of paintings, drawings, sculptures, animations and more.


Presently, my work draws inspiration from a theme dealing with what I call Spirits, Souls and Ghosts (or SSG for short).  These are usually stark mixtures of black, white or gray into dense patterns that fill the visual field with a lot of movement.  I am interested in the energy that is brought about by these three primitive-looking shapes, their unity, division and representation as sources of power and expression. I consider my work to be serious, contemplative and meaningful but with a sense of play and exploration involved. In being an artist, I seek through my artistic choices to bring forth joy, existential wonder and resilience in the face of pain that I believe is innate to us all by the nature of the human condition.  I want there to be discovery in my work and also an answer to an authentic call from the soul.