Investigating The Studio

(typed via an iPhone 5)

I'm exploring working through my mobile device 'in the studio'. I'm doing this by using my email as a kind of annex space if I'm using that term correctly. Here I can work from anywhere and 'hang up', 'post', share what I come up with later by copying or perhaps better stated transferring the work I do in the annex space over to the main area on my website. It opens up possibilities as to where and when and on what particular inspiration I can work on at a given time. As artwork is lifework my work at Goodwill becomes an overall part of my energy flow. I'm at work at the time of this writing, on break and lunch. It's a full time job. I am here a lot. And everything counts. It all matters. Right now I am interested in cultivating ideas, moments when I get to create with my heart and mind. Currently I am very interested in cosmology and perceptual studies as an artform executed through writing. I'm interested in combining the two in order to create a new view of the world. Something in the same vein as artistic vision (this sentence typed later on the iMac). I have a view of the world that poses all of creation as something called corporeality. Corporeality being a noun derived from corporeal which describes all that exists as an aspect of human embodiment. An incarnate domain measured by the body. This is something I am investigating here in The Studio (this sentence also typed on the iMac).

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