I'm having a show!!!

So I have not been contributing to this section of my website for a while. I am not sure how professional it is to have this kind of journal-like stream of thoughts shared so openly and yet and feel like it's writing a book or something. It is a place for me to follow what I have done along with others if they wish to do so. It is a nice orderly record placing dates on the events in my artistic life which could be very important one day.

I continue to work hard on developing as an artist and being professional within the arts. I have begun to meet with arts professionals about my work and just art in general, so their work as well. And it's interesting learning about other's roles in this whole thing. I am as important as anybody else and they are as important as me. I met with Beau Rutland this month. He is the assistant curator of contemporary art at the Cleveland Museum of Art. That was a thrill. We met at the museum and had coffee. I got to hear about what it is like for him to write for Artforum. He gave me some very good and informative tips of knowledge which I connected with and took action on. One was about the CAN journal distributed in Cleveland which is all about art and artists. Another was his mention of 78th Street Studios. I ended up going to visit that location on one of their "first Friday" nights. Lots of people there. A really thriving little scene.

I mean I could keep this part of the site private but it is so interesting to me to have an ongoing record that is public. It is fun to imagine that my actions and activities could one day register in the public consciousness. I know I have enjoyed reading about artists and musicians, about what they did when and so on. My personal journey, my story is a part of my art I feel. I am still learning to really open up about the depth of my life's journey but little by little I learn and grow.

Anyways, to my show! As I have mentioned it has been quite a while since my last publishing on this part of my website. I have got a show with The BOX Gallery in Akron, Ohio. It will open May 13th 2016 and run through June 18th 2016. I have been prepping for it by touching up paintings, making a DVD of the animations and making frames that are hand painted and hand cut by me. I mean having a show is huge! I am so excited and pleased. I guess that's all for now. I don't want to put TOO much into this part of my work because I am not sure if anyone is reading it or if I will ever really "make" it and want to use this for reference. Then again I get the impression that this site, this portion of the site could be very dear to me as I go along, like a scrapbook. It matters to me. If it matters to me it might matter to someone else too. That's a nice thought anyway. Best

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