My Studio is Amorphous

I have a work space now that I paint in, sculpt in, arrange paper in and photograph in. Sometimes I draw in it as well. I also make frames there or at least am working on one right now. But "the studio" for me is really a kind of state of mind, an attitude. I work at my iMac which is not in my workspace, a workspace which would be considered more of a traditional studio set up. I work on my website and also reflect on how all of my art fits together at my computer. Also I have started doing aniations, stop motion animations which incorporate the Spirit, Soul and Ghost forms. I was considering earlier today how these animations tell stories without words and I like that.

All that being said I have trepidation, fear even, though maybe in a useful way, of moving forward souly with the Spirits, Souls and Ghosts and having that be my work. I re-did my website and placed the focus all on the SSG inspiration. I did this after writing to a friend about my website. This friend challenged me at a core level to really look at what is working in my art and what is not. The force so to speak seems to be with me when I delve into the SSG theme. Something about the seed of my work that way seems to be growing and bountiful and joyous. Which is all good however that leaves out the Corporealize series that I did of abstract field color photographs and the experimental video work that I have done. I am going to explore putting a more punctuated approach to my work, keeping the vision clearer, more iconic in nature, more exuberant, more artful.

I hope very much that I am not leaving my Wilson behind, my Trent Reznor-esque dark themed abstraction and experimentation. I think that all of that and more might be in the work that I am doing with the Spirits, Souls and Ghosts and that that's why I am feeling pulled to hone in my focus on the seed that has given me so much joy and flare. It brings to mind Feuerbach, the fiery brook, an art that is alive and full of animation in its whole existence.

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