Other quick notes that matter (cont.)

my Dream Manager program at Goodwill states in its literature. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. I am taking that seriously and working hard for I have learned you have to work on your dreams, they don't just happen. And honestly the work is the dream! After getting the Edgar J. Helms award for outstanding achievement last year through Goodwill (which I was nominated for by Cynthia Woodall) I have just continued to develop through my work there and also with my art. It was a confidence booster. It made me feel special. No more really needs to be said on that. I will note that Rachelle Albrechta and Brooke Bandy two of the dream managers for Goodwill have been instrumental as well to the confidence I have built to actually pursue my dream of making it as an artist and even just articulating that dream to myself so that I understood what it really is that I want. I want to make it as an artist. Whatever that ends of meaning to me. For me it means having a book or books made about my art from a beyond great publisher. It means having my work shown in museums that are important in the world of art and important in my own personal art world. The Akron Art Museum is one place that I would really like to have a show in someday. I seem to be attracted to MoMA as well.

Hell, while I'm at it, I would like to give a talk one day, perhaps a TED talk or something at a museum or other organization about art, my life and never giving up!!!!! Writing a book sounds puroseful and meaningful as well. Back to my dreams as an artist though. I am still learning what my exact dreams are. Making it as an artist entails a book being made about my work with really nice pictures of my work. Pictures from shows that I've had and someone writing about me. It would be cool if Beau Rutland would write about my work. Oh I have to mention Roza Maille who is helping me put together my show at The BOX Gallery. She has been huge.

What more can I say. I think it has been very good to check in with myself and share my story for others too here on my website for now with what I am going through as an artist and as a person. I get stronger each day with my deliberate resilience. Hey that could be the name of my book about my life and art "Deliberate Resilience".

It's just fun to think of these things happening, like writing a book or having a book made about my art, getting a show at the Akron Art Museum and so on. It's part of the fun of being alive and dreaming the possible. I feel so blessed. I have also started doing meditation and even Yoga. The concept of heartfulness has been extremely important to me. A gentleman on a site called OMEGA has awakened me to the concept. The feeling. Make great art. Make a great life. Peace.

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