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I'm here at the iMac. I spent a lot of time today working on art but not as much as I could have. I did get some work done yesterday morning, more than usual for a Saturday so maybe it all balanaces out. I have really enjoyed getting up early and working, working on art that is, and then night comes and it is like well just close up shop and wait for tomorrow. Rest is important. I am currently working on a painting, a paper mache sculpture, I''ve been drawing daily, I did an, no two animations today. So yes there is a lot of activity in the studio. I also read through twitter and Artnews whats going on out in the art world along with galleries from New York which I got on their mailing lists when I was there. I really just want to have a show already. The wait is kind of killing me. I see how it is, you get your voice and you want to share it. It is a need. A bonafied need. To have the work seen, to have it get experienced, especially while it is fresh.

I am a little down on myself today. I thought I would get to work more on my art yet I made choices otherwise, it's just kind of frustrating because they were good reasons for doing something other than art. Sunday is really my day to work (on art). I plan though on doing some tomorrow morning and on Tuesday as well. I have this painting that needs finished and tons of sculptural work to be sorted out. Plus I want to get those frames finished for the black and white paintings from the Spirits, Souls and Ghosts series.

I am trying to use this space to sort out some ideas specific to art. I don't really go back and read these posts. I do hope that I am getting something out of at least producing them. I want to be a successful artist. To be authentic. To be iconic. To be truthful in all that I do and to make money doing it so that I can live life. That is the real challenge. No more perfection seeking, perfection with a small p. I have a way right now that is yielding and yielding returns, art. My art. My art work.

So what is the next move? I have to pursue a gallery. I am looking at The Box Gallery in Akron, Ohio as a place to have a show. It is frustrating because I just want all the work done and hung and me in the space and like everything on fastforward. I have got to reconnect with the work. I have to keep my head down and just make. Make art. I do think though at some point I have to give myself over to getting my work out into the world and sharing it so that I have that full life circle with the work being lived with other people involved with it.

Okay so I have to sit and really think about this show. The gallery in Canal Fulton comes to mind I want to look that gallery up. I am going to do that right now.

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