Checking In With Myself

This space on my website here is a place that I go to check in with myself, about my art, where I am at with it, where it is going, sometimes where it has been. I am able to consider and reflect on what I am making more deeply here and talk about my process. I do this to make my art better and more full of my life and spirit and hope. I paint on commercially primed canvases of various sizes. I am almost more after drawing with paint than painting with paint. What do I mean by that? I simply want to make drawings that have substantial materiality to them.

The work I am doing has a theme. It is not so modern or contemporary or or post-contemporary or whatever to be installation or video that is called sculpture or any variation of the plethora of artists today. My work is simple. It is basic and kind of the new traditional. It is aesthetic. It is concerned with line and form and shape and arrangement. There is no Steve Jobs carrying a rucksack like with a recent Bansky. My work does not reference very much current events. Though I have delved into having the Spirits, Souls and Ghosts have names and they could very well have the names of the living and the dead that are related to current geopolitical world events or just everyday news clippings. I may investigate this further.

What I really like, right now about my work, is the language that is unfolding and the good ole fashioned Art that is all to do with paintings and perhaps big paintings and drawings and what you expect from artwork at a museum. I see how I am stuck on museums as the place I hunt after for my work to be placed in some day. It is extraordinarily tough for me to get my work to show. I am working in my work space. I share photos of the work, paintings and drawings mostly along with animations online via my website, twitter and LinkedIn. Other than that I have shown a hand full of friends and family my paintings and drawings.

This just screams ART to me, this way I am working right now, what I am producing and how I am producing it. It is kind of basic but with a very recognizable, consistant focus and artistic voice conveyed over a span of many drawings and paintings. There is no single piece that rears out. One builds and feeds off the next. I want to show them in groups in a straight away gallery and have proper art shows with them. Proper. The art I am making now is uplifting and morose. It is open to interpretaion. It gives what you bring to it I feel. It is classic contemporary with an individualized world made from the three forms I use. Intuitive, gifted forms. Beauty in the power of variety.

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