Notes from my mobile phone

(The following passages were typed over a period of several days as emails sent and forwarded to myself via my iPhone 5. I then accessed my Gmail account from my iMac and copy and pasted the notes into this section of The Studio. They are ideas, artistic ideas, feelings, reflections. They are art that I am working on and at the same time are passages or sections of feelings and thoughts that massage the idea of art into a new vision striving for something similar to the development of science out of natural philosophy. This work strives to carry art into a new realm of understanding.)


Prior to the introduction of the term corporeality into our language there was no single word that summed up, so essentially, the relationship between embodiment and objective reality as they were described by Albert Einstein's space-time. With this writing, it is my intention to show that with the incorporation of this concept, corporeality, we must fundamentally change how we think of the body's, and thus the person's, place in the full-form domain that we describe as objective space (i.e. the cosmos) and similarly we must consider anew what constitutes the cosmos.


The body is the nexus of the world. The body is the person. To be a person is to be the world. The term corporeality replaces the term cosmos, and existentially the term reality, as it is ultimately the body that binds space-time. Macro and micro investigations have shown us this (i.e. cosmology and quantum theory). Thought experiments which measure such attributes as distance, mass, weight, gravity, the motion of light and sound neglect the consciousness of these attributes by a living person. This is important. Consciousness is a living expression and figures into the relational quality of physical elements in the universe. It is unique to life, this consciousness and is the tonic to the physical relations as they manifest, be they here on earth or at an intergalactic level. It must be deeply understood that space travel is no different from traveling on earth in the sense that human consciousness is the constant. No matter where traveling takes us whether across the street, across our country, across the planet or across our universe, galaxy, intergalactic space and the cosmos at large, one thing remains constant, human consciousness. As human consciousness is currently embodied, it shows us then that all of these 'places', universe, galaxy, cosmos, etc, are connected by the lense or thread of embodiment which is, as we have stated, also personhood. The person is the cosmological constant and we shall delve deeper into this matter in the following passages.

The person makes meaning in (or rather as) the world through that which we call living. This making of life is sometimes called poeisis. The person is the body generating life experiences as it moves in perpetual motion through positions that orient the total power available to that individual. The world is in each expression, each person, like a fractal. There are descriptors such as mind, body, soul and spirit that gesture towards certain ways of understanding. These, however, are all just feeble attempts through words to describe being a living person, the power of which ultimately escapes a total description and remains, in all possible versions, an eternal and infinite potential that alights in presence, a superstate that defies measure or quantification.

How then shall we proceed with this knowledge? What shall we actually do? We take up projects on our life, projects that put into play all of our potential.

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