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(The following was captured via my iPhone over the course of about two days switching over somewhere around the word "immaterial".)

There are no limits on what art can be. I split wood today and marveled at how the flesh of the logs waned like liquid against the blade. I thought if I took pictures of the wood I could document the event as an art act and display the photos along with an explanation as to how all things can be art, or artistic or artly. I just let those visions go though and am recounting the feeling I was feeling at the time the idea occurred to me.

What if art was no longer about color or line, shape or form, representation or abstraction, performance, choreographed movement of the body and so on? What if art was about the refinement of an immaterial source? What of an art that made the person not the muse but the medium?

I'm listening to a book on CD called The Grand Design by Stephan Hawking to follow up to listening to A Briefer History of Time by the same author. Both books are expansive surveys of the history and development of science, the scientific method, the scientific attitude and discoveries that really transcend the sphere of science as a single sphere of knowledge. I'm learning about something called M theory which is a collection of theories that attempt to describe the physical make up, structure and behavior of the so-called universe. Model dependent realism is the manor of approach which is guiding the inquiry in The Grand Design.

I am interested to learn more about the latest theories in science that so far seem to range from quantum theory to cosmological sketches. I am interested to see how the most recent theories relate to older ones, Aristotle's four elements, Ptolemy's geocentric model, Copernicous's and Gallileo's sun-centered universe.

I'm also interested to see what general relativity still has to teach us in light of 'theories' that have arisen since its inception.

I see my work on the term 'corporeality' as an artwork.

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