Annex Reflection

So what do I really think of an art that deals with the immaterial 'being' of a person? Do I really want to see all color and line and shape and form and representation and abstraction and the choreographed movement of the body disappear from the landscape of art, particularly my own landscape? No, not really, but at the same time this notion feels fresh particularly as I am posing it in an art context.

I think there's a real opportunity for some new kind of work to be done. It's been said there's nothing new under the sun or some sort of derivation thereof. I think we breath new life though into work when it is original, authentic, etc. we don't reinvent the wheel but we give our own unique voice to the stage of being. What will we say? What shall we ask?? What will be OUR point?! What should we aim for? What should we strive to do?

My art is about asking deep questions of the self to find where the universal meets the personal. Reflecting on the answers that come to us, that we find, that emerge. I see this opportunity to take this journey of my self into the gallery and the museum and online and perhaps one day in interviews or talks. It could be like a photo album but those are pretty boring sometimes to look through other times it's like imbibing mana with your eyes. I see my work doing that, becoming that as well. I don't really look at the video work I have done such as my piece 3:33, and watch it again and again like work I had done before that had a song-like quality where you could kind of play it again and again. 3:33 and now the work I am doing here in The Studio is about development. If Matthew Barney's work illuminated potential, mine looks into a transformative well and says walk through, develop your being.

I'm interested in books but then again a book made has a psychic barrier of preconceived notions around it. That's why this space The Studio has become an excellent place to DO work and let the words come as they may. I do it for myself but also for anyone who wants to consider it. The same as with all the other mediums I have worked in.

I do believe there is an energetic force that can come to the fore when self truths are sought through honest self reflection.

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