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My work has developed here into asking questions about what art can be and what it can do. I have an interest in cosmology and the heart of being, humanity, that which binds all experiential phenomena in this or any place. I want to open a conversation about human consciousness, the heart, the centering of human being and share this conversation within the wall of art institutions such as galleries and museums. My degree is in Sound Art. I learned a lot from my studies. Now as a practicing artist I find that my thrust is one of a non-medium specific 'opening of a way'.

Just talking and sometimes writing about questions, deep burning questions that won't go away, helps to re-enliven the spirit and call forth that which is innately inspiring in us as people, as truly special beings. We ARE special beings. There is magic in our every breath. To not acknowledge that is to not fully open the mind to the heart's song. We are, as I believe Bjork says, a miraculous breath.

So what then will this work of mine look like in a gallery? Is a gallery the right place? Where can this conversation live, or rather not just live but thrive?!


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