Vacation, The Preciousness of Time

Originally transmitted on September 6th 2015 via my iPhone

I'm usually physically at work at my job as a shift supervisor on a break writing here in the annex for The Studio. I think it would be good to be real with The Studio being like a blog and really using a blog format. Oh, I'm at a car service facility by the way doing a little work here in the studio. I'm at a cross roads. I'm going in deeper with being a manager and I'm also going deeper with my art. I guess I want to put some energy into the art in my life at this point. I am on vacation from work so I have an opportunity to give a hell of a lot more time to my art and the work I do as an artist. I'm seriously considering traveling to New York again to unlock deep seated conscious and subconscious feelings related to the arts and my role if there is to be one in the artworld. I've got a lot going on with my website which speaks to the condition of my art, the state of my art, where it is and where it's going. I want to just take some time to be an artist with this vacation and see where my bliss leads me.

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