Free to be an artist

I'm working back into a firmer grasp of form and shape and purpose in my drawing and going towards painting again. I'm doing drawings with markers copic markers and they give a really painterly feel to both the making of the lines and shapes but also to the look of them. I've stopped thinking of myself as a new media artist, a sound artist, musician or painter and am easing into just being an artist where the medium is secondary to the inspiration. I mean I still love walking into a museum and seeing a big ole abstract painting, you know one that is bigger than you. That wakes me up, gets me thinking, gets me inspired. My painting and drawing are one aspect of my work as an artist. I have done live performance art, sculpture, paintings and drawings, videos, music, writing and really much more as art. My goal is to let my power, my own unique energy manifest in art as however it does naturally. I want to make good ole fashioned abstract paintings and conceptual work and many other kinds of work. I understand that many artists over time have used different mediums even though they may get known for a particular one. This understanding is a bit of a revelation because it frees me up to work as I am inspired in any so called format in pursuit of a purely resonant artistic voice that is all my own, influenced by others but of my own time. On my website I am now beginning to corral what once seemed disparate and am having these many artistic facets stand as an artistic endeavor, as a body of work and work done away from school. Wow this has been a challenge to do art away from a school. I feel like it has tested me to my core even though I didn't understand that I was being tested or testing myself.

This week I am going to be an artist, an artist for vacation, an artist for some time.

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