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This one is straight from The Studio. I am at my iMac in its familiar space. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about my work right now and how it is developing. My trip to New York couldn't have gone better really. I got to see several galleries and talk with several people about art. It was cool to see current work being shown in exhibition spaces of the now. It has inspired me greatly. I am all a buzz with energy and love for my work and for my website. I feel like creating the joy of art now. I think of Matisse. I think of his giant wooden stick that he painted with in large format at the end of his life. I think of being an artist, a real artist that is included in the community of artists all around the world. I would like for my art to be loved. That is a special wish that I have. I imagine it in a gallery or, dreaming here sincerely, a museum where a young person or really a person of any age could come and behold the joy the work has given me. My work right now, and I am thinking of the Souls, Spirits and Ghosts series, is very inclusive. It welcomes I think more so than work like Mere, a video, that I have done in the past. Nevertheless, I have not abandoned that aesthetic. But right now I am happy doing what I am doing.

More and more this place, The Studio, is becoming a place where I am able to share my working thoughts about my work as it unfolds. I think of some of my heroes, Trent Reznor for example (perhaps idol is a better word) and I think of all the 'extra' content I have enjoyed viewing about him, learning about his views artistically and the behind the scenes information about the live show, albums, bandmates, etc. I humbly say that I do strive to be that for the next generation, or any generation really. I strive to invigorate myself and others. I hope my work can live while I am alive. I no longer am hung up on it only taking flight once I have passed on as they say. And let's face it, I have forged my way back from a debilitating depth. Art shines. It shines bright. Let it and you shall see. That is how I feel anyway.

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