Reflections on me in New York (Annex)

(This was originally transmitted on September 17th, 2015 via my iPhone)

I have been super stoked from my trip to New York. I got to visit many galleries in Chelsea along with a visit to the Whitney. I introduced myself to the galleries the best I could. I was carrying two paintings with me in a portfolio. I gave many people a little hand drawn card on really nice thick paper. The little cards had my website address and email on them along with my name. I learned of an artist who I really liked. I forget his name off the top of my head but I think he is Spanish. I will look him up. I have literature from the gallery. He appearantly writes as well like me doing visual art and writing. I think that's cool. I didn't read yet though any of his writings. I was in a looking mood and I guess a listening mood more than a reading mood.

I made a painting this morning. I really like it.

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