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I'm excited about all of the freedom and liberation I am feeling from the Spirits, Souls and Ghosts series. I see tremendous potential in this work and am experiencing firsthand the benefits to my own life with the work I have already made. I am also revisiting a piece titled Union which has me compiling documents produced by the request for library materials through OhioLink and SearchOhio. The document ends up having my name along with the name of the person or project I have inquired about. The document is brought about by my interest in a certain person or project and stands as a physical remnant and record of that interest. The interest for me is of a profound nature in that it comes from a place of wanting to bring the sought person or project into my life. In regards the document, it is not physically made by me in that I do not furnish the paper, ink or computer programming necessary to produce it. I do however make it by first choosing a person or project in my heart and then going through the act of requesting it. That desire to learn and to bring people through their work, their poiesis, is what churns out the item, the transaction, typically in the form of a book, DVD or CD. The exchange happens as I sift through the pages, let the aural information pour into my ears or absorbing video or film through simultaneous sound and light. The print out then of the request is signage with a date and origins that signifies this exchange. The person who produced the material is not privy to this acquisition experientially of the work. Union is about love of learning but also about hoping that one day my name will be transcribed in print, digital or otherwise next to one or some or a few or many of the names conjured in the request through the library. Or maybe it's not about that at all, that it's just like a reverse autograph. I identify for myself that I have had an interest in something, cared enough to request it and wait for it. Maybe it's all like a constellation of records of choices with interest that I made. I guess I just want to commune with the people who are out there somewhere making all of this work that is and has become a part off my life. Union is a call of affirmation that I was here and that these were the people and projects I involved myself with. These were my choices. Still are. The people I chose to let in to MY life. This is the union. A cry to connect. To be close in some way to these people who I am holding in such high regard and looking to for inspiration. Union shows how much I care about my choices and that the library is a cool way of opening doorways in your soul and mind and above all heart!

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