From Annex to Studio

(This portion was created via my iPhone which I consider an annex for the opportunities I get to be seated at my actual computer to write and share. The content is copied and pasted from my email once I am at my computer.)

I'm really quite inspired to make more Spirits, Souls and Ghosts. The series is really lifting my spirits. I like how diverse it can get from just the 3 shapes or forms, characters almost. I'm interested in developing them just more and more

(This portion was done 'in the studio' which means I was sitting at my iMac)

I just started cutting out shapes or forms freehand with scissors. Right now I am using black construction paper. I also have white that I want to use with a black background. So far I have been arranging the paper cut outs of the Spirits, Souls and Ghost in black on a white background. I then photograph the arrangement and afterwards dismantle the arranagment and place the shapes again to create or form a new arrangment. So the photo is was lives on so to speak. They are ephemeral. I think I might have been inspired by Thomas Hirschorn's work that I learned of through the Art 21 series. He builds monuments and then takes them down. Impermanent pieces that 'live on' only through documentation. Though I will say that I have one right now that I would like to 'keep' so to speak by glueing the pieces in place. Branching out into different media, like clay and paper, for the same series, Spirits, Souls and Ghosts, has been eye opening and heart opening. My joy with my art is now coming through and still with teeth. That is the best part.

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