Preparing to have a show somehow

I have to start looking more seriously into having a show, a real life, brick and mortar show. I should get paintings ready to hang with wire and ringed screws. Also I could look into getting the thin planks of wood for framing the paintings. I sold a lot of inks at my last show and some paintings to family, well last show that was paintings-based and in a gallery setting. That was back around 2004 so it has been a little while. Getting the pieces ready to hang should help propel me forward into having an actual show of my work.

That raises the question, what to show? I really have been inspired by my paintings and drawings and would probably logistically and thematically have the easiest time making the work show able. Yes I think just Spirits, Souls and Ghosts in paint, marker and clay would be a cool way to do it. Maybe I could do some writing about the shapes but really I don't think they need or perhaps would even benefit from writing much about them.

I could work on it as though it were a brief statement for the show I mean the show I plan on having with the SSG theme. So perhaps something like this...there are three shapes or forms or characters that make up the work in this ongoing series that spans many different media including paint, marker, paper and clay. The comet-like, ball with a single tail shape is what I call the Spirit shape. It like the other two forms or characters were created intuitively out of pure artistic and personal deliberation and expression. The jelly bean-like, ballish form is what I call the Soul shape. And finally the ball with multiple tails is the Ghost character.

Each one is like a primitive kind of elegant cartoon that can function as part of a pattern or as separate figures in an arrangement sometimes taking on both roles. In the end they're just art. They are in my working vernacular as an artist. They are a little bit cheeky but also very erudite and cerebral. I find them serious and funny and able to inspire the sacred artistic practice of pure unadulterated interpretation. Interpretation that makes meaning where it sees fit.

Artist statements about the SSG work aside I am deeply excited about making these forms in a variety of mediums. I see them as large sculptures perhaps out of fiberglass. I can see all three of them together as a huge corporate sculpture or something to that effect. They actually bring this really kind of joyous ambiguity with them in my opinion.

I want to share that in so many ways. I love that they have a fine art feel to them but with a gentle cartoon quality. Sometimes I think the cartoon quality totally disappears. Other times it is very prevalent.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work if you have read this far in. Contact me with your interpretation if you like. The contact portal can be found on this website just below the Homepage tab.

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