Let there be images in the studio

(This original thought was jotted down on my iPhone somewhere at the beginning of October)

Sometimes I get so bogged down with trying to find time for my art and concerning myself as to whether I can sometime soon get a show put together. Shows are probably pretty important for an artist to be an artist and I have not had one in a long while.

(several days have passed now and I am writing this directly with my desktop, iMac)

I didn't get the last post put up. Now, well, of course a new energy is abounding. I have a full day off from my full time job and art then becomes my full time practice. I guess though it kind of always is somehow. They both have to be right now. I set up a new area with my Dad for me to work. I plan on getting a photo of the new space that is an expanded area of where I was working recently.

Here's an older picture of where I was working before the space I am now in which was a smaller carpeted area. Having the space has become important to my approach to material art again. The Studio has become more than just an immaterial practice in artistic poiesis. There is a level now where that practice that I had been cultivating out of necessity and spirit that culminated in mostly written expression online has flowed into my work space and my paintings again along with drawings, clay sculptures, paper cut outs that are photographed and more. I'm happy to be able to include an image in The Studio as it is a place where I am talking about art, my art, perhaps art in general, perhaps still sometimes writing as art, conceptual art. Also, I have included some of my philosophical writings which are continued in their complete form in the writings section of the site. The website is a hub now. I hope more and more to put a deep feel to it, where my work becomes ever more accessible. Where I become accessible and learn about myself in so doing.

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